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Menopause is a natural process during which menstruation stops and a range of hormonal and physiological changes take place. Many companies produce menopause home tests for people who want to check if their symptoms, such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness, are related to menopause.

This article discusses menopause test kits in more detail and provides a list of some products a person may wish to consider when looking for a menopause home test kit. It also covers when a person may wish to contact a doctor about menopause and some frequently asked questions.

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A quick look at 5 of the best home menopause tests

Menopause tests check a person’s levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in their blood or urine. This hormone controls a person’s menstrual cycle and helps eggs in the ovaries to develop.

FSH levels increase in the female body every month so that the ovaries can produce eggs. However, FSH levels can also increase during menopause when a person’s ovaries no longer produce or release eggs during ovulation.

Menopause tests can indicate whether a person is experiencing menopause by analyzing the amount of these hormones in a saliva or blood sample.

Who should consider a menopause home test?

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), menopause home tests suit people who have irregular periods, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness and want to know if these symptoms could be due to menopause.

However, the FDA also states that these tests do not tell a person definitively if they are in menopause or perimenopause.

Menopause can cause uncomfortable symptoms in some people, and these tests can help them learn more about their symptoms and decide whether to consult a doctor.

Home tests can detect FSH levels about 9 out of 10 times, but they do not determine whether a person is experiencing menopause. As females grow older, their FSH levels may increase and decrease during menstruation.

The North American Menopause Society notes that saliva tests are not accurate and tend to be expensive. Also, FSH tests may not work if a person is taking birth control pills.

Medical News Today chooses at-home tests that meet the following criteria:

  • Laboratories: Where possible, MNT will choose companies that process test samples in CLIA certified labs. This means they follow state and federal regulations.
  • Budget: MNT chooses at-home tests that suit a wide range of budgets.
  • Privacy: MNT includes companies that offer robust and transparent privacy measures, such as data protection and discreet packaging.
  • Test result speed: MNT selects companies that inform customers when they will receive their test results and whether they will receive them via email, app, or phone.
  • Further support: MNT will indicate whether a company offers further support, such as a follow-up phone consultation with a doctor to discuss test results.

People can find various home menopause tests online. Below is a range of tests to consider.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Best for providing personalized reports: Everlywell Perimenopause Test

  • Price: $99
  • Collection method: finger prick
  • Results: within a few days

Everlywell’s perimenopause test measures the levels of specific hormones that may change when a person is in perimenopause, such as estradiol, FSH, and luteinizing hormone (LH).

Estradiol thickens the uterus lining so that eggs can implant into the lining to grow. When a person goes through menopause, estradiol levels in the body can decrease.

LH helps release eggs from the ovaries, and its level increases during menopause.

Everlywell claims that it works with labs with a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certification. This means that the labs Everlywell use are regulated, possess state and federal certifications, and are open to regular inspections.

In addition, Everlywell states that its independent board certified doctors review and approve its customers’ tests.

To complete an Everlywell test, a person must first order a test, register their test kit online, collect their sample and then mail it to the lab for analysis.

Everlywell states that a person can receive their results within a few days. It also recommends that customers discuss their results with a doctor.

Everlywell provides personalized reports with results. Its test may be a good purchase for persons who wish to receive more helpful resources. Then, they can share them with their doctor.

This kit uses a finger prick test to collect the necessary blood sample.

Pros and cons

Some pros of Everlywell’s test include:

However, a person may also wish to be aware of the following cons:

  • tests can be expensive
  • unavailable to people living in New York

At the time of publication, the kit costs $99.

Read more about Everlywell here.

Best saliva collection test: Thorne Menopause Test

  • Price: $192
  • Collection method: saliva sample
  • Results: 8–10 business days

According to the manufacturer, this at-home menopause saliva test is suitable for people of perimenopausal age, people with symptoms related to menopause, or people who want to know more about their fertility status.

It measures estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

People who order this test kit receive a saliva collection tube, a plastic box, biohazard bags, a return label, and an envelope. After collecting the sample, individuals can mail it to the laboratory using a pre-paid envelope.

According to the Thorne website, independent board certified doctors review results, and a person should receive them after 8–10 business days. The company also states that it provides customers with health recommendations.

Further to that, Thorne’s menopause home test requires users to take a saliva sample. This may be the best option for those who may not feel comfortable pricking their finger for a blood sample.

Pros and cons

This menopause test comes with several advantages:

  • doctor-reviewed results
  • the company provides everything a person needs for testing
  • health recommendations

Here are some disadvantages a person may wish to consider:

  • no consultations with doctors included in the service
  • high cost for one-time use
  • does not measure TSH and FSH

At the time of publication, the test costs $192.

Best for providing fast results: HrtORG Menopause Test

  • Price: $160
  • Collection method: finger prick
  • Results: 4–6 days

This home menopause test measures three hormones: estradiol, LH, and FSH. To take the test, a person collects a small blood sample at home and returns it to the company’s lab using the pre-paid shipping label provided.

Individuals can consider buying HrtORG’s home menopause test if they urgently need to get tested and get their results within a few days. The company states that doctors review tests themselves, and a person can receive their results in 4–6 days. They can access their results online or have them mailed out.

HrtORG claims its labs are CLIA certified.

Pros and cons

HrtORG and its test provide various advantages:

  • CLIA certified labs
  • short waiting time for results
  • doctor-reviewed results
  • free shipping

However, no subscriptions for regular menopause test use are available.

At the time of publication, this test costs $160.

Best for easy-to-follow instructions: myLAB Box Perimenopause Test

  • Price: $99
  • Collection method: finger prick and saliva
  • Results: within 5 days

The myLAB Box perimenopause screening test involves providing a blood and saliva sample to identify the FSH, estradiol, and progesterone levels.

According to the company website, individuals do not have to change their diet before taking this test. However, if they decide to stop taking medications before taking the test, they should contact a doctor to discuss whether it is safe for them to do so.

According to myLAB, labs are CLIA certified, and a person can receive their results within 5 days.

If a person’s results suggest they are in perimenopause, they can talk with a myLAB physician for free to discuss the result.

A person may consider buying myLAB Box perimenopause test if they are looking for an easy-to-use test. Customer states that the company’s instructions are easy to follow, and it also provides the tools that individuals may need to collect their sample.

Pros and cons

myLAB Box test has a range of advantages:

  • free consultations with doctors if the result is positive
  • CLIA certified labs
  • is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-registered company
  • free 2-day shipping

However, disadvantages a person may want to be aware of include:

  • unavailable outside the United States
  • the test requires a saliva and blood sample
  • shipping delays may be possible

At the time of publication, this test costs $99.

Read more about myLAB Box here.

Best for doctor consultations: LetsGetChecked Female Hormone Test

  • Price: $129
  • Collection method: finger prick
  • Results: within 5 days

The LetsGetChecked female hormone test identifies FSH, LH, prolactin, and estradiol levels. The test requires a person to provide a blood sample with a finger prick.

The company recommends that people collect their sample on the third day of their menstrual cycle before 10.00 a.m., and they should not be taking hormonal birth control when they take the test. Once a person completes the testing process, they mail the sample to the lab for analysis.

According to the company, a person can view their results on their LetsGetChecked account within 5 days. Afterward, they can discuss their results with the LetsGetChecked nursing team, which is available 24/7.

Pros and cons

Some pros of LetsGetChecked include:

  • accepts FSA and HSA cards
  • subscription available for regular buyers
  • a nursing team available all day for consultations

Cons include:

  • no health insurance accepted
  • high one-time purchase price

At the time of publication, this test costs $129.

Read more about LetsGetChecked here.

Here is a comparison of the different features the five home menopause tests offer:

EverlywellThorneHrtORGmyLAB BoxLetsGetChecked
Collection methodfinger pricksaliva samplefinger prickfinger prick and saliva samplefinger prick
Hormones• estradiol
• LH
• progesterone
• cortisol
• estradiol
• LH
• estradiol
• progesterone
• LH
• prolactin
• estradiol
Doctor-reviewed resultsyes yes yes yes yes
Doctor consultationsavailable with positive test resultsavailable
Resultswithin a few days8–10 business days4–6 dayswithin 5 dayswithin 5 days
Price $99$192$160$99$129

People may wish to consider the following when choosing a menopause test:

  • Certifications: People may wish to check that the company works with CLIA certified labs to ensure they are in line with federal standards and undergo regular inspections.
  • Results: Some individuals may prefer to opt for a test that has results available within a few days.
  • Sample collection: Some tests require a blood or saliva sample or even both. People may prefer to opt for a saliva test if they have a fear of needles.
  • Doctor consultations: Some companies offer free doctor consultations, either with or without a positive test result. People may prefer to opt for a company that offers a consultation if they wish for more immediate medical advice.

A person may wish to contact a doctor if they are experiencing symptoms of menopause.

Doctors can evaluate a person’s symptoms and ask about their family history. This helps determine if their symptoms suggest they are experiencing menopause.

A doctor may suggest a person has additional tests or treatment to help them understand their symptoms more.

Anyone who is interested in buying a menopause home test kit, who wants to learn more about them, check whether it would be useful for them, or to discuss the results might wish to talk with a doctor or another healthcare professional.

The FDA recommends that individuals see a doctor if their home kit produces a positive result.

These are some frequently asked questions about menopause home tests:

How do menopause test kits work?

Most companies provide the instructions and the tools that people need to perform the test at home, such as a collection tube, sample bags, and prepaid envelopes.

At-home menopause tests require individuals to collect their sample at home and mail it to a laboratory. Then, a person can receive their results within a few days and they may also be able to discuss their results with the company’s nursing team.

How much do menopause home tests cost?

Generally, a person can expect to pay over $90 for a menopause home test.

However, a person may also enroll in a subscription plan if they plan to purchase test kits regularly, which may help them to save money.

Is there a test for early menopause?

Some women between 40–45 may experience early menopause. This refers to the menopausal phase that occurs earlier than usual, which may occur for various reasons, including if a person smokes, is undergoing chemotherapy, or has a health condition, such as HIV or a thyroid disorder.

People who have gone through menopause may notice that they have not had their period for a whole year.

Those who think that they may experience early menopause can consider contacting a doctor for advice. A person may be asked to take a blood test to measure their FSH levels and check if they may still be able to conceive.

Menopause is a phase in a female person’s reproductive life. A person will stop menstruating and may experience hormonal and physiological changes. Some symptoms of menopause include vaginal dryness, night sweats, and hot flashes.

A person can consider buying a menopause home test to learn about their fertility or to check whether they are going through menopause.

If a person is experiencing symptoms of menopause, they may wish to discuss them with a doctor. Additionally, if a person takes a menopause home test, they can consider discussing their results with a doctor.