As an organization, MNT strives for a deeper understanding of health.

Medical News Today is one of the fastest growing health information sites in the United States. Every month, more than 85 million people* from across the globe come to Medical News Today for our in-depth health information and the latest news in medical research.

Our journalists get under the skin of health and medicine.

We believe that knowledge enables the pursuit of good health and well-being. Using peer reviewed studies, medical experts, and reputable sources, our passionate and curious team of writers and editors unravels the complexities of medical research and science, breaking it down to give you clear, objective, and accurate health information.

Our content is science-led, facts-first, inquisitive, and always approachable.

Through our content, we hope to inspire you to seek new knowledge, ask questions, and take healthy actions. We want you to feel confident in owning your health journey and making informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

We aim to empower our readers to live their strongest, healthiest lives.

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*Source: Google Analytics, January 2021

Our editorial process

It’s hard finding health information you can trust, but our editorial team is committed to creating just that. We want you to be confident that Medical News Today provides you with accurate, trustworthy, and unbiased health information, which is why we’re so committed to our editorial process.

Accuracy is essential. Our editors and writers ensure that every article we publish undergoes an industry-leading review process, which includes rigorous fact checking for statistical, medical, and scientific accuracy.

We have strict sourcing guidelines and only draw from peer reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical journals. Primary sources, including studies, scientific references, and statistics, are linked within each article and appear in the resources section at the bottom.

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Your voice matters

At Medical News Today, we’re committed to listening to, engaging with, and amplifying diverse voices through our culture and content in order to create a platform and a community that is representative and relevant to all.

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Our leadership team

  • Robin Hough

    Vice President & Editor in Chief

    Robin leads content strategy and operations at Medical News Today. He’s also responsible for growing consumer drug information content and expanding global news coverage across Healthline Media – all in a bid to make the world a healthier place. Before joining MNT, Robin held leadership roles in newsroom innovation at The Guardian and The Telegraph newspapers. He was also managing director of the Axel Springer-owned news platform Upday for Samsung. Robin has a degree in modern history from Oxford University, lives in London with his wife and two children, and harbors ill-advised passions for Batman comics, endurance cycling, and his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers.

  • Honor Whiteman

    Editorial Director

    Honor joined Medical News Today in 2013 as News Writer, putting her bachelor’s degree in journalism to good use and helping to drive MNT forward as a leader in medical news and health information. She now helps lead MNT’s editorial strategy, with a key focus on the production of accurate, evidence-backed clinical content that empowers readers to take healthy actions. In her down time, Honor loves writing short crime stories, hiking, gardening, playing netball, and watching reruns of ’90s TV shows.

  • James McIntosh

    Senior Editor, Clinical Demand

    James joined Medical News Today in 2014 after completing a master’s degree in creative and critical writing and with 5 years of experience within the British National Health Service (NHS). As Senior Editor for the Demand team, he leads a team dedicated to providing reliable and up-to-date information for those curious about their health. James has a keen interest in healthcare accessibility and halting the spread of misinformation with regard to health and wellness. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing football, making and performing music with his incredibly cool band, and watching wrestling.

  • Robert Hanson

    Senior Editorial Director, Global News

    Robert joined Healthline Media in 2012 after holding several editorial and marketing roles at Yahoo!, Avid, and Penton Media. During his time with Healthline Media, Robert has held leadership roles within content marketing, original video, and news. At the close of 2020, he took on an expanded role managing the global news team, which includes both Healthline and Medical News Today. Robert is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara. And in his spare time, you can find him contributing to the local San Francisco music scene, traveling the world, or attempting to perfect classic Roman pasta.

  • Laura Persons

    Managing Editor, Consumer Drug Information

    Laura joined Healthline in 2015 and became part of the Medical News Today team in 2020. Having previously worked at a patient education publisher, a university, and a zoo, Laura has extensive experience writing and editing medical content (be it hippo- or human-focused). As Managing Editor of MNT’s Consumer Drug Information, Laura works to create drug content that’s accurate, engaging, and educational. Her goal is to help readers make the most informed decisions about their use of medications. When she’s not contemplating the difference between a generic and a biosimilar, Laura enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with her family in Denver.

  • Yvette Brazier

    Senior Editor, Updates

    Yvette joined Medical News Today in 2015 after 10 years teaching English for Health Communications at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai. Her qualifications include a master’s degree with a focus on linguistics. Yvette is Senior Editor for the Updates team. This team aims to ensure that all of MNT’s content stays accurate and up to date and that the information it provides matches current guidelines. She also heads up an initiative to encourage sustainability. At weekends, Yvette spends time walking or cycling in the local countryside. She also volunteers to help people in need on the streets at night.

Medical Affairs

Our Medical Affairs team ensures that Medical News Today’s content, products, and services uphold the highest standards of medical integrity. Our dedicated team manages an extensive network of medical doctors, practitioners, and researchers who provide authoritative medical review for all clinical content. Covering the full spectrum of medicine, Medical News Today’s physicians, nurses, public health experts, and patient advocates help ensure that the information we publish is accurate, evidence based, current, person centric, and trustworthy. Our content is continually reviewed and updated to ensure accuracy and integrity.

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Fostering community is at the heart of what we do. Our platform brings together health seekers so they can support each other in their pursuit of better well-being. Whether you have a chronic condition, consider yourself a health nut, or are simply curious, you’ll find a community here.


Ad & sponsorship policy

Medical News Today receives funding from advertisements, sponsored content, and other partnerships, such as affiliate programs. The reality is that receiving funding from our advertisers allows us to cover more conditions and provide more powerful experiences, including video, animations, and input from a range of experts. Be assured that we’re absolutely inflexible about our editorial autonomy. Other than receiving input about broad topic areas, we never allow sponsors to influence the content we create.

We follow specific ad and sponsorship guidelines to ensure that advertising never gets in the way of our editorial integrity. MNT chooses the ads, does not endorse any products, distinguishes all ads from editorial content, and clearly distinguishes between sponsored and non-sponsored content.

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Privacy policy

Medical News Today is dedicated to protecting the privacy of readers and customers. Because customer privacy is our top priority, we proactively embed privacy into the development and curation of our services.

At any time, all customers — regardless of geographical location — can make a data subject access request by using our rights request form. In doing so, customers can access, delete, restrict, or correct all personal information that they have shared with Healthline.

Healthline will share your personal information with third-party marketers only after you have provided explicit consent to do so.

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Terms of use

Our content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call a doctor or 911 immediately.

Our websites and apps operate under a code of conduct to encourage welcoming, diverse, and inclusive interactions and to discourage harassment of any kind.

We support authors’ creative rights by investigating, and removing where appropriate, materials that infringe on an author’s copyright through our Digital Millennium Copyright Act procedures.

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